Thursday, May 25, 2006

This morning I learned about Butt Cap Stroke Style. No, I am not taking a Lap Dancing class. But I did take a class on Adobe In Design. It was pretty dry, as all computer classes are. (Is it a requirement for them to be so dry?) But it seems like a good program, and I am excited to try it out. I'm thinking about making a flyer that advertises Mike, as a practice run, if I have time. How does one go about advertising one's husband?

In July I will probably take Photoshop, and then I may put it on our home computer to use with my own stuff. Then I can make exciting forwards that have Bush's face pasted onto Britney Spears' body, and the caption will be something punny like "oops I did it again". Yeah, that will be cool. It is interesting how photoshop and google have become verbs in our language. As in, "I photoshopped this picture to look like I am the one eating a banana", or, "you should google my name and see how it comes up on a website in China about the communist party".

I have no idea what Butt Cap Stroke Style actually is. I probably should have listened more closely, rather than trying to think of the best innuendo associated with that term.

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