Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Several facts about my life make it impossible for me to deny the fact that I am getting older.

I am married, and I am settling into a "career path".

One of my favorite things to think about right now is how we will decorate our house once we move upstairs in a few weeks. I'm thinking thoughts like "Pier One" and "black and white photography", as opposed to my college-aged thoughts of decorating, which included "cinder blocks" and "couch from Salvation Army".

When I hear the song I'm in Love With a Stripper, I cringe, and wonder what is happening to today's youth and their sense of culture.

Last night I got my hair cut short, and expected it to make me look younger like a short cut usually does. It didn't.

I know the next day is going to be rough if I go to bed after 10:30.

Irregardless of these undeniable facts, I am going to Six Flags on Saturday. And I will scream as loud as any 15-year-old on the roller coasters. And I will run-walk to the line for each ride, in the hopes that I can get there just a little faster than someone else and get a better spot in line. And I will sleep like nobody's business when the day is over.

Most of the getting older stuff is real good stuff, and I generally like it. All I need are the few things that keep me young, and I think I will be just fine.


Kelly said...

well now you're making me feel old...i want to decorate like that (or other than cinder blocks and salvation army, anyway...), and i cringe at that song too...however, i rarely go to bed before 12:30...so i guess i'm not as old as you ;)

Courtney said...

Well, You are technically older than me by like, a few days, BUT...If I go to bed later than 9:30, my day is really rough, so I am your proof that you don't have it that bad!