Monday, May 08, 2006

Currently listening:

"Fall to Pieces" by Avril Lavigne (Under My Skin). I don't claim to be proud of this choice. But I have my mp3 player on, set to genres-->pop and rock. I do regret buying the Avril Lavigne CD, because really there are only about 3 songs on it that I like (Fall to Pieces being one of them). But it was a rough time in my life- I was working at a camp for the summer, with an average of 10 minutes of break time per week, and 90% of the people that surrounded me were 16 or younger (of the remaining 10%, 9% acted like they were 16 or younger). So, Avril Lavigne seemed like a reasonable choice. But I really admire Avril's song "Don't Tell Me". Finally, when a girl gets pressured into sex, she's like "pssh, ya right".

Currently watching:

Mission Impossible:III. Ok, I saw it yesterday. I'm not actually currently watching it, but it fits the theme. I was actually pleasantly surprised, it was a lot better than I expected it to be. It was almost as unrealistic as the first two, but some of it was so cool that I just didn't care that it could never actually happen. I won't mention anything specific and risk spoiling it for anyone, but I recommend it. It makes me want to see the Kill Bill movies again (which are so amazing that they don't even fall in the same plane as the MI movies). I need to work on my 5-finger exploding heart technique (that's SO cool!!).

Currently feeling:

A little sheepish, considering that I asked someone at work to help me figure out what was wrong with my Tablet PC (my work laptop), and I discovered that I had been trying to charge it with my mp3 player charger instead of its own charger. I am really lucky that I didn't fry the thing. But I'm feeling better, now that it is raining outside a little bit, and I can smell it.

Currently dreaming:

Again, not actually current, but early this morning: I had a dream that I had a baby, and it was the size of my hands. I was holding it up to my face inside my hands, and I decided to name it Mischievous Energy. Don't ask me where this came from- I become a lunatic in dreamland.

Currently needing to confess:

We have a huge copier at work. It has a touch screen and everything. And if paper gets jammed somewhere inside it, then fixing it is fairly easy, because the screen will give a number for a location where the paper needs to be fixed. I secretly love when paper gets jammed, because I love looking through the different gears and finding the paper and figuring out how to get it out. Mike mentioned the idea of me learning how to work on cars, and I told him that I've always been interested in doing that. So maybe I will take a class, and when the car breaks down, I will be able to get under the hood and figure it out!

But even if we didn't have a sweet copier here at work, I would still love my new job. It is going well, and I am very thankful for that.

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Kelly said...

hehe...i love your blogs. i secretly enjoy when the copier gets jammed too. especially when it does for someone else, and they ask me to help them...i feel so special then :)

and, um about the know how much i want you to have kids and how much i would love to have a niece or nephew...but please, please, PLEASE don't name the poor thing Mischievous Energy...i think i would have to kidnap it for it's sake.