Wednesday, June 20, 2007

26 candles

So, we're having a farewell party at work tomorrow (June 21st, also a very important day as it is the day of my birth) for me and the other 4 (yes, 4) people who are leaving their jobs in the next couple of weeks. And my coworker who provides the goodies for these parties asked if I had any goodie requests. I automatically thought of this cake that she makes, that I remember having when I was younger- it's chocolate cake with some cool whip on top, and bits of toffee on it, and caramel or something on the bottom that makes it absolutely delicious. And apparently better than sex for some people, because apparently it is called better-than-sex cake. I've heard of this cake before, but didn't realize that it was this cake that I love. Although, I'm sure there is more than one cake that has been called better-than-sex cake, because it's a funny name, and maybe people just aren't feeling too satisfied in that department, who knows.

Anyway...I am excited for the better-than-sex cake. And maybe tomorrow night I'll get a sex-on-the-beach cocktail, you know, just to fit the theme. Because it's my birthday. Did I forget to mention that?

Leaving this job is going to be sad. Probably the best boss I have ever had- and I am happy to be able to say that, but sad to be parting ways. I've learned a lot in this job.

But at least tomorrow is my birthday.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

call me vanilla

Considering that it snowed in Laramie only a week ago, ew, I was pretty happy to walk out of work today and realize what a beautiful day we're having. Not too hot yet, just perfect.

I also realized that I desperately need some sun. It's already June, and I look as pale as if it were the middle of winter. It's weird, because I used to tan really easily as a kid, but now I'm either white or red, unless I devote a lot of time and attention to being brown. My brother, on the other hand, merely thinks about the sun and suddenly turns two shades dark. I think he's like Puerto Rican or something. Maybe the reason why I want to call him Pablo instead of Scott (hi Pablo!). He got my mom's genes-- genes I used to have, which I have apparently traded in for dad's genes, genes that don't get tan. Kind of a bummer, but as long as I don't start naming dogs after dead French generals, I guess I'll live with it.

I'd like to lay out and work on a tan, but I'm afraid I may cause traffic accidents. Not because I'm laying out and distracting men while they drive, but because the glare off of my white skin might be blinding.

Here's a nerdly image for you: pasty white girl laying on a beach towel, reading Harry Potter.

Friday, June 08, 2007

getting the monkey off my back

I just performed the necessary online steps to make a (HUGE) final payment on my college loans. It feels a little strange, and not as satisfying yet as I thought it would be. Considering that I just transferred a major sum of money from our bank account to the powers that be at Sallie Mae, I half expected a pop-up window, or something, saying "um, are you sure you want to do that??" But no, they sterilely accepted my payment, just as always, with no "congratulations" or "thank God that's over with, right?" But I know that as soon as the transaction is final, and I realize that I can take the "make loan payment" reminder off my calendar, this is going to feel dang good.

I would celebrate, but now I can't afford to.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

i could use a drink. or an antacid.

Lately, I'm not doing so well at handling the many-things-to-do-at-once phenomenon that is my life. I'm pretty sure that at any moment my brain is going to shut down entirely and I'm going to be reduced to watching the movie Princess Bride. Over, and over, and over again.

I've got all the work stuff of course. With a major event in less than a month. And lots of people I'm supposed to be coordinating the event with who are never available to talk to me and who never return my calls or emails. They have made me dislike an entire town in the state of Wyoming, that's how bad they are. Plus, I need to be ready to pass this office on to my replacement, and train them well enough that they have at least a vague sense of what the heck they're doing when they take this position.

On top of this, I've got to find a job in NY. Yes, call me Captain Whiney Pants, because this is certainly one of my biggest whines these days. We also need to find a place to live. A place to live which will be our living place for possibly the next 4-5 years. That's longer than I've lived anywhere since graduating high school, and I want to enjoy the living place. We've got to find said living place, or at least living place candidates, from very far away. Then spend too much money to fly out there to pick one.

Oh yeah, and did I mention that I will (hopefully) be taking my first trip to Lebanon in July? This is assuming that the situation isn't too bad over there. But assuming that it is not, we'll leave for Beirut about 5 days after I finish my job. I can't complain at all about this trip, because it will be so good to go over there, but the timing isn't exactly ideal. I'm hoping that my jet lag isn't too bad, because when I get back, I'll have about a week on my own to get everything in order and ready for moving. Then Mike will get back from a trip to Vienna, and we'll probably leave for New York just two days after that. There is also a good chance that I will be starting a new job just days after we get to New York, if not our first day there. Let's all say a collective "eek".

I shouldn't have even acknowledged how stressed I feel right now. My stomach has begun to churn.