Wednesday, June 13, 2007

call me vanilla

Considering that it snowed in Laramie only a week ago, ew, I was pretty happy to walk out of work today and realize what a beautiful day we're having. Not too hot yet, just perfect.

I also realized that I desperately need some sun. It's already June, and I look as pale as if it were the middle of winter. It's weird, because I used to tan really easily as a kid, but now I'm either white or red, unless I devote a lot of time and attention to being brown. My brother, on the other hand, merely thinks about the sun and suddenly turns two shades dark. I think he's like Puerto Rican or something. Maybe the reason why I want to call him Pablo instead of Scott (hi Pablo!). He got my mom's genes-- genes I used to have, which I have apparently traded in for dad's genes, genes that don't get tan. Kind of a bummer, but as long as I don't start naming dogs after dead French generals, I guess I'll live with it.

I'd like to lay out and work on a tan, but I'm afraid I may cause traffic accidents. Not because I'm laying out and distracting men while they drive, but because the glare off of my white skin might be blinding.

Here's a nerdly image for you: pasty white girl laying on a beach towel, reading Harry Potter.

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