Monday, July 09, 2007

I'm currently sitting on our couch, ignoring the work that I am trying to finish before my time's up at my current job, reminding myself that I also need to help Mike with some packing that's got to be done soon, and as usual worrying about the millions of things that still need to fall into place before we feel "settled" again. I've been staying away from my blog lately, because I know this is the only topic I feel like discussing, and I know it's only interesting to me. But here I go again.... I even typed in "New York" on Google images just now, and found this great photo:

This shot reminds me of everything I love about this place...the nightlife, people walking everywhere- even in the streets, the classic yellow taxi, and the energy that is just constant in a place like this.

We are just three weeks away from leaving Wyoming, and it has not sunk in at all.

I want to say that I am not very sad at all to leave Laramie, but I think part of that feeling is the typical psychological pull to separate ourselves from things that we know we'll have to leave behind anyway. In my expert opinion. However, I really don't think I'd want to come back to Laramie- I certainly would not want to settle here. I'm just too much of a city girl.

All in all, I think the move is going to be great, especially once we have a few more details figured out. There's a part of me that feels this pull to be anchored in one spot, and to have the next ten years planned, and to have steady incomes, and to do all of the things that are part of the stereotype. And yet a bigger part of me still really, really enjoys the adventure. I can feel that part being slowly overtaken by the more practical side, so I'll just resist it as long as I can.

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