Wednesday, July 25, 2007


After several very long reading sessions over the last few days, moments ago I finished the final addition to the Harry Potter series. I won't be giving up any information, so don't worry...but let's just say, I'm in awe. What an incredible story, what a brilliant woman who has given it to the world. And this coming from someone who scoffed at the hype for several years before finally giving in and picking up the first book, only to be instantly hooked.

There are so many nuggets of goodness in these books, so many things I would love to spend hours working through and trying to explain, yet I don't want the magic to be taken away in over-analysis. So I let my thoughts just simmer, as I shake my head in incredulity at the depth in these novels. This is certainly on par with other classics like Lord of the Rings- with many of the same adventurous quests.

I found myself both laughing and crying at so many points in this last book. I felt somewhat silly, especially when I realized that Harry was born in 1980, which meant that he's my age! As if he were a real person, I wonder what he's doing now! But it's just another amazing thing about the books- they truly suck you into their world.

I thought I would be heartbroken, coming to the end of the last book, but it ended in a way that I could feel nothing but satisfied, and grateful that J.K. Rowling had the sense to maintain the magic within just 7 books. And I know that I will read all of them several times over, and never grow tired of the story.

Brilliant, just brilliant.

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