Thursday, May 31, 2007

super cool dance dance wow!

I've joined the craze. A couple of weeks ago Mike got me a Dance Dance Revolution mat and game for our Xbox. I am a jumping, stumbling, hip-shaking fool. If anyone saw me trying this thing, they'd have a good laugh- but I don't care, bring me some more of those electronic-sounding remixes.

I'm not so sure that this is the best kind of exercise for me, because I think that I have kind of crappy knees. Every couple of years, I will somehow manage to lock my entire leg, so that it is the most unbearable feeling in the world to try and move my leg at the knee. I did this back in the fall, and couldn't move until I had taken about 10 pain killers and warmed up my leg with a heating pad. And after I sit through a movie at a theater, my knees are so creaky that I look like I need a walker to get out of the theater. Cycling is supposed to be the best exercise for bad knees, but a used DDR mat and game are much cheaper than a stationary bike or a gym membership. And I like DDR a lot more- an hour of exercise goes by pretty quickly on that mat.

Another problem might be the stomping noises that go along with this game- something that downstairs neighbors might not appreciate, especially in New York. We'll see how that goes- is this a good enough reason to make a first floor apartment a priority?

My dream is to some day go to an arcade, act like I have no idea what I'm doing when I walk up to that DDR machine, then show up all the little 15-year-old punks who spend their lives on these things. It's like something out of a movie, right? But first I have to get past the stage of clumsily stabbing my feet at the different marks, feebly attempting to have some rhythm and balance.

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