Thursday, February 22, 2007

my bum is on the faaaacebook

Facebook statuses that I could put on my Facebook profile right now, and they would be completely accurate:

Erin is missing Mojo Catering.

Erin wishes it were the weekend right now, except that the weekends always fly by, and she never gets as much done as she wants to.

Erin feels very, very blah today.

Erin thinks that maybe the first week of Lent is kicking her in the teeth, just to make sure she's really ready for it.

Erin should feel joy for Lent, and maybe she does, but it's used up all her joy and left her with no joy for much of anything else.

Erin wishes she could remember the quote from John Chrysostom that was in last Sunday's church bulletin.

Erin hopes the dean's office opens back up soon so she can heat up her spaghetti.

Erin needs to make banana bread with the brown bananas.

Erin wishes something would happen that would get future plans in gear again.

Erin should suck it up and stop being so mopey, because even though she's only been feeling it today, it's already getting old. She should also consider actually putting one of these statuses on her Facebook, but probably won't. Which is actually good, because really she should be working right now.

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