Monday, February 26, 2007

fast cars

So, the night before we headed down to Denver to leave for our Europe/Middle East trip back in December, I made a quick last-minute run to Walmart. I needed airplane munchies and a hat and scarf that would keep me warmer than my homemade versions. And since there are very few places in Laramie to find clothing, Walmart wasn't exactly a bad option.

I was pretty disappointed and a little panicked when I checked the section of women's hats/scarves/gloves and found some picked-over remains from the holiday season. If I remember correctly, the only hat I could find was a very fluffy pink beret, with matching scarf and gloves. Even if I had known at that point that I would soon be in Paris, there is no way in Hades that I would have ever willingly worn a pink fluffy beret, anywhere. I hope that the Parisians would have beaten me over the head with a baguette.

I did find a cute fleece scarf, the last of its kind, but I still needed a hat. My next thought was to check the men's section, since I was thinking a beanie would be a good choice. All I could find were baseball caps, and that definitely wasn't going to do the trick. So I finally found the little boys section, which turned out to have a selection of all kinds of beanies for like $5, that miraculously fit my noggin. Having decided against the Spiderman hat, I picked out a plain black beanie that had a little emblem on it, which I assumed was just the brand of the hat. And because I didn't have a whole lot of other options, I happily purchased the scarf and hat I found at Walmart 3 days after Christmas, and wore both for the majority of our trip.

Last time we got together with my family in Loveland, I wore my beanie. At one point, we were standing outside talking, and my dad points his finger in my direction and says "Porsche". I turned around, thinking there was one parked in the parking lot, until it dawns on me that he's pointing at my hat. Turns out that the little emblem on my hat is the Porsche emblem, and I had no idea.

For some reason it's really amusing to me that I bought a "Porsche" beanie without even realizing it. Heck, I'm guessing that any little kid who wears the hat would have no clue what the symbol was. But maybe if anyone recognizes it, they'll just look at me with a little more mystery than they might have. I only wish that it could have been the Mustang symbol.

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