Friday, June 30, 2006

I had to coordinate catering for a business lunch today, but I wasn't planning on eating any of the food myself. That changed when someone backed out at the last minute and offered their lunch to me. So I am enjoying a jerk chicken salad with pineapple and cucumbers and bell peppers and lime ginger dressing. Ready, and...salivate. It is deee-licious. I love to see what people can do when they get creative with food. I love trying different flavors. I love business lunches. It almost makes me want to go home and cook, right now. Except that it is HOT today.

Weekend plans: go to Casper, enjoy more delicious food there tonight, maybe some birthday shopping for Mike (the man who is 3 weeks younger than me- I am a cradle-robber- that joke never gets old!), maybe a little Superman with my all-time favorite actor Mr. Kevin Spacey (even though I still haven't seen X-Men 3, and Mike gets jealous of Kevin Spacey), and maybe some pictures of a fun-filled weekend to share next week. We'll see. Never can tell what might happen.

Did I mention I also have a fruit tart that I am about to enjoy? This sure beats a ham sandwich and Hershey kiss, I will tell you that.

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