Friday, June 23, 2006

I am the geekiest geek of all geekdom. For 2 reasons.

#1: Yesterday I went to the eye doctor for my regular check-up, and to get more contacts, glasses! (Life does not get more exciting than when one can buy a new pair of glasses. The possibilities are endless- the statements you can make with the windows on your face are infinite.) Not only did I pick out new glasses, but I picked out some that come with a free magnetic clip-on sunglasses piece. And yes, I am going to wear the clip-on. And yes, it will be cool. It's MAGNETIC!!

#2: I just watched a preview for a documentary coming out this summer. The subject of the documentary? Crossword puzzles! I nearly wet myself. I cannot wait to see it. Just the other day I printed off a crossword puzzle from the Internet to do on my lunch break (oh yes I did!), and I realized that it had been too long since I had curled up with a good crossword puzzle to challenge my geek-laden brain. But now that I know that Jon Stewart is an avid crossword puzzle solver (with his left hand, I might add), I am all the more encouraged to proudly pursue one of my favorite hobbies.

It's a good time in history for geeks.

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Kelly said...

wow...apparently geekiness is genetic. lately i've been desperately wanting clip-on sunglasses, because switching glasses is such a pain! and...i bought a new game for my gameboy, ultimate word puzzles. it's the best game EVER!! along with dr. mario and tetris, of course.