Thursday, June 15, 2006

I am turning the big 2-5 in less than a week. I never thought that getting older would freak me out, but 25 is worrying me a little bit. I have no idea why, though. I am happy in life, everything is going well. I have just always had a hard time imagining myself at an older age. When I was in elementary school, I didn't really think that I would ever be in high school- it just didn't seem possible. And now, I can't imagine myself as a middle-aged person with my own high schoolers, yikes. 25 is not even that old, I think I am just making this huge leap to a life that is far off in the future that I can't even picture in my head. And that creeps me out a little bit.

I remember being younger, and making these massive birthday wish lists, usually with one or two presents that I just hoped and prayed that I would get. That feeling has definitely subsided, but I still have two things that I would love to get this year.

The first is:

Not necessarily this camera, but a nice digital camera. I thought I would love using a really old SLR film camera, but that thing is not much fun to lug around, especially when traveling. And I really need practice on my pictures, and it's easy to look and see what you're doing wrong on a digital camera. We do have one, but it is older and kind of clunky (plus, it would be nice to have two of them when we are on vacation).

The second thing on my wish list:

I really want a miniature pinscher puppy! This one is definitely just a wish and nothing more, because unfortunately a dog is not in the picture at this point for us. But he is so cute with his little ears and nose and paws. And tough, too! Hopefully someday it will happen.

In any case, it should be a good birthday. We will be having a barbecue and hanging out, and that is a very nice birthday present.

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Kelly said...

k...i have a birthday wish for you...or me...or for you to do for me on your birthday...or something...
if you get a mini pinscher puppy (anywhere in the future), please, i ask this one thing of you, just please DO NOT CROP ITS EARS!!! drives me crazy!! they are so much cuter with the long ears, and why cut them off?!
thank you...that is all i have to say.