Monday, April 17, 2006

Scrabbular Fun
I recently pointed out to Mike how we may just be the world's biggest nerds (I have starred all parts of the following story that classify as true-blue nerdliness):
On Saturday night, we decided (well, Mike decided) that we should do a little church-hopping* that evening. We had nothing else to do, our adventures in cleaning* had come to an end, and even though I was entirely wrapped up in my book*, Mike got me out of the house with him. We have two churches that are within walking distance from our house, so we walked* (I don't really think walking is nerdy, but because we weren't cruising in a sweet ride I will classify it as such) to the nearby Lutheran church, especially since the pastor is a family friend* (again, not nerdy in my opinion, but it probably is for others). But the only thing happening there was cleaning, and we had already done our share for the day*, so we set off for the Episcopal church* (2 churches in one night? Seriously.) We got there during an Easter vigil, and Mike recognized a few professors*. We didn't stay for very long, but we were really excited when the Easter homily by St. John Chrysostom was read*. When we got home, we decided it would be fun to play Scrabble*. I was trying to find a word* that would connect a G and the word Wipe*, and came up with gaswipe*. We had quite the chuckle about it*. And we told other people about it and laughed*. And we brought it up today (twice*) and laughed*.
At least I am comfortable with who I am.

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your nerdy little sister :) said...

hehehe...that totally runs in the family. i love how you post things like this...they make me laugh. :)