Tuesday, April 11, 2006

If my hair were its own human being, it would definitely be an awkward adolescent going through puberty right now. It is growing, but it is at the point of just being ugly and weird. I don't want to cut it, but it is making me crazy at the moment. I had layers, and now the layers look more like a shaggy dog than anything. But I will stick it out, and knowing me, in about a month I will cut it anyway.

Tragedy has occurred this evening. My hubby informed me that Law and Order SVU will not be shown tonight. Instead, a wannabe drama that pales in comparison to the likes of Stabler, Benson, and Fin (Ice T- Cop Killer), will be shown in its place. It's called Conviction and it's lame. I don't know what NBC is trying to do to me. Last week they cut The Office for the other new show, Teachers, which is equally lame. If you have to stick a new show in a good show's slot to get ratings, then it obviously isn't worth the time. We still have Scrubs tonight, but Tuesday just is not the same without SVU.

Considering all of the innovative things that are happening in TV Land these days (TiVo, podcasting, etc.), we are REALLY behind the times- we still have an antenna, and we still have to get up and fenagle it for each of the 4 channels we sort of get (not counting the Christian channel that sells Miracle Spring Water). I don't mind it too much, except when Mike has to drag the antenna to the bedroom, I have to report to him how the picture looks, and a pair of pliers actually has to get involved- all just to watch the Simpsons.

Anyway...time for Scrubs.


Courtney said...

Hey erin. I emailed you, but I don't know if its still a good address. If it's not send me a myspace message with your correct email and I'll do t again!

Courtney said...

Yep, I just got a failure notice, so I guess I don't have your correct email.