Friday, April 14, 2006

Having done my fair share of surfing MySpace and other blog sites (although I'm not sure MySpace qualifies as a blog site- it's more of a meat market/high school reunion), I have come to find a few typical characteristics that irk me.

The first irksome thing is the profile section and the way that about 73% of all people fill it out. "I am just a fun (guy/girl) who likes to have a good time and is looking for someone who knows what they want". Blah- thank God I'm not single and looking on the Internet (which I am somewhat ashamed to admit I have done before, albeit inadvertently). I honestly think that creativity in general is diminishing more and more (increasingly diminishing?) as time goes on.

My second pet peeve is the acronyms. Again- creativity, out the window. Why does lol have to be a part of the sentence structure? For instance: "my dog is so cute lol he just lays around all day lol". It's not a word- it doesn't even make sense if you actually say it. I know I can't compain too much, I was like this too, but come on! If you are over the age of 16, your lol privileges should be revoked, I'm sorry.

Of course, I do like the benefits of sites like MySpace. I have gotten in touch with people I hadn't talked to in years. And then they used LOL in a sentence, and I blocked them (just kidding- oh, sorry: jk).


Courtney said...

LOL...JK. I am glad I know you IRL...otherwise I might be PI$$ED b/c you were just judging ppl. WTH is up with ppl who do stuff like that N-e-Way? I am totally ROFLMAO at all the morons out there.BTW, how is your MOM...oh wait, that's not one. Well TTYL. You are my BFFL!!!!

Honestly, I hope I made you giggle just a BIT...that's not one either.

Kelly said...

i definitely know what you mean...i had a girl write lol in the note to me on the back of her senior picture...ok then...and i thought for the longest time that lmao was just stupid people who didn't know how to spell "lamo" haha...i have to admit though, i use hehe and haha a lot...