Tuesday, April 17, 2007

mr. rock tells it like it is

A friend recently wrote about the whole Don Imus scandal, and mentioned the double standard that comes when rappers are allowed to say incredibly derogatory things about women. It reminded me of this great piece from Chris Rock, and I just had to post it. Warning: it is of course incredibly crude, but considering the content, I think it's justified.

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Roland said...

I saw that video not two weeks ago. It was almost prophetic. Chris Rock has this amazing ability to use his status as a black man coupled with a keen insight, biting humor, and willingness to tell it like it is that really sets him apart. He's even-handed for the most part. His old skits on the civil war among black people and the OJ trial were actually very astute social commentaries on a number of levels.

BTW: I simply demand that your husband, a fellow Bible geek, find my most recent thesis footnote funny. It's the last entry. :-p