Thursday, March 15, 2007


. Eric,

This is how I want to remember you. Having fun and being a goof. Making Mike a little uncomfortable.

I hadn't seen you since the day this picture was taken, and honestly I don't really know where life had taken you in the last year or so. But that didn't make the news any easier. Of course we always say this, but I wish I had gotten to know you better when I had the chance.

What I will remember is riding the train to Manhattan with you and Mike and Jacob, and I said how much I liked Anne of Green Gables, and of course I got blank stares from the other two guys, but you wholeheartedly owned up to the fact that you loved Anne of Green Gables growing up.

And I remember going to that sports bar near the seminary, and complaining about my job situation, and you were great at listening and being sympathetic.

And I remember watching the Simpsons with the regular group in the basement of the Germack building, and every time there was something written, on a sign or something, you'd read it out loud. It annoyed me a little bit. But then I noticed myself doing it, so I ate my words.

Your loved ones are really going to miss you. May your memory be eternal.


Julia said...

Thanks for this post, Erin. It's really sweet. The photo is too.

Lucy said...

that's a great photo.