Wednesday, July 26, 2006

So, I just stumbled upon another blog through a link from one of my favorite blogs. It's

I had no idea....

For as many children and moms I have been around in my life, I had no idea the kind of havoc that having a child wreaks on your belly. I guess I just assumed that with a little exercise, the body snaps back into normalcy and life goes on. I mean, you see actresses and models out on the beach in bikinis just months after having a child. At least I think you do- now I'm not so sure how that's possible. The women featured in this blog go through some serious changes in their bodies when they are pregnant. Most of the photos of bellies somehow remind me of jellyfish.

It all makes me a little nervous about the whole pregnancy thing. Maybe we should just have a dog and be done with it. Ok, so I'm not even close to half serious about that. I have always known that I wanted kids, and the way that it affects my body is nothing to consider when stacked up against the thought of creating life and raising a child. Heck, I will just be grateful to know that my body is capable of carrying a child- that's something to worry about more than the effects of pregnancy.

Something else I liked about the site was that someone posted a music video from Pink, called Stupid Girl I think. I didn't really know the song and had never seen the video, but it's good. It's nice that some of the female artists at least try to be the voice of reason in the midst of so much concern over weight and clothes and tan and all that. I think she even makes a jab directly at Jessica Simpson, and that was pretty amusing.

Considering how often I am inclined to write about pregnancy or having kids on here, I think my blog may be much more interesting when I do have kids- there are always plenty of stories to tell then.


Julia said...

Hi Erin!
I'm glad to know about your blog. It seems hauntingly appropriate that the first entry I read has a link to a site about what pregnancy does to women's bodies. (I went to that site and it kind of scared me!)
In any case, it will be nice to keep up with you and Mike via your blog. And...whatever you do, try to talk Mike into doing a PhD at the SAME SCHOOL that Jeff does his, o.k.?

Courtney said...

Erin. Yes, it is a scary, scary thing. I fit into most of my pre-pregnancy clothes fairly well, but I don't know if my belly will ever be the same again. BUT I do love that blog, because it makes me feel a bit better, like I am not the only one. And you are right, it can never compare with the joy of seeing something you and your husband created. Especially when you get big hugs in the morning and sloppy kisses before bed.

Kelly said...

i went and watched that video...i loved it! i got onto itunes, and looked at some of Pink's other music...i downloaded a song called "Dear Mr. President". it's interesting...she is kind of having a conversation with the president, and asks him how he can sleep at night while mom's don't even get to say goodbye to their kids that go to war...things like that. i really admire her for doing songs that question things like the media's impact and the president's competence-real issues...instead of just singing about her humps (as much as i love that song...)