Wednesday, October 03, 2007

looking for my home

There have been so many blogworthy tidbits in my life recently, but not having the chance to get them down in an actual blog in a reasonable amount of time has caused me to forget most of them. I only know that they were there at one time.

The coming of the fall season has put me in a generally joyful mood- Mike and I have decided that October is our favorite month, for the following reasons: 1)the weather begins to cool off, and sometimes there is rain, and leaves are falling; and 2) the holidays are getting closer and closer, but not so close that they will be gone too soon. This second reason is especially exciting when there is the anticipation of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, the Rockefeller tree, the shop windows full of holiday cheer, the Empire State Building standing tall amidst a light sprinkling of snowflakes.

Can you tell that I'm feeling wistful this evening?

There are certain things about this new life that have been bigger adjustments than others. I'm really trying to stay optimistic and feel grateful for the opportunities we've been given, but I'm having a hard time settling into these next four or five years that will be relatively unchanging, at least in the basic ways. Every time someone hears that we've moved from Laramie, Wyoming to Westchester, New York, their eyes get wide, and they say "woooow". But really, they have no idea. It's not just the climate and population density that are different, it's the attitude and the entire way of life. I knew that New York could change a person, but sometimes it still scares me how quickly I settled into the selfishness and lack of concern for anyone around me.

I'm not exactly saying I miss Laramie. I've just got two extremes going on here. Hopefully some day I will adjust, and then my blogs can be about some other subject.

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